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  • Debt Counseling: Every debt management starts off with debt counseling. You would need someone from the scratch to guide you and maneuver your way out of the debt obligations. Our counseling experts would study your case and financial status before guiding you through the process.
  • Budget Management: The cause of outstanding debts is mismanagement of debts. That is why it is important to resolve this problem first before moving on to other solutions. Debt Resolver Ltd. thus helps in devising a budget well that is based on your monthly income and expenses.
  • Personal Bankrutcy: Once the counseling is over and budgets are in place, it is time to take care of the debts. The first thing is negotiating with the creditors so that they give their consent on the alternative repayment methods.

Suggestions would be provided that in turn would help you decide on the plan that suits your requirements and needs well. You need to understand that nothing is impossible but only if you believe in yourself.

We also have an online tool to calculate the budget estimations. Other than that, our team is there to help you customize a plan that in turn makes monthly payments easy. All your bills and other expenses would be paid in time, and some amount would be saved for repaying the debts. That is a promise!

Next, plans have devised that suit your particular needs and requirements. Various debt management alternative plans involve:

*Individual Voluntary  Arrangements (IVA)

*Debt Management Plan

*Debt Consolidation

*Debt Relief Order


  • Credit Repairs: The impact of debts on the credit rating can prove to be devastating. But as we said, nothing is impossible; this isn’t too. The experts at our end would make sure that you get further loans in the future. Various steps would be undertaken so that your credit ratings turn into positive. Remember that slow and steady wins the race!